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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.
Irya Fasteners USPs
With Irya Fasteners, you would always have the following :
Prompt communication
Prototyping to bulk supplies
Customized Parts, Process & Packaging
Assistance with Part Design
Quality parts, on time delivery
Inventory Management & Warehousing
PPAP Documentation, when required
Irya Fasteners has its roots in the state of Gujarat, located in the western part of India. The company was established to bridge the gap between international quality and technical standards with production and engineering expertise of Indian manufacturers. The company started off by working closely with German companies due to which the overlying objective of the company is to match and emulate German engineering standards.

Irya Fasteners started in 2001 (as "Erfolg International") by developing and manufacturing a range of industrial fasteners like bolts, studs, nuts, washers, industrial pins, screws, rivets, and anchor fasteners. Over time, we have expanded our range of processes, materials, and capabilities to include a vast range of special fasteners, custom components, precision parts, and sub-contracted machining requirements. Irya Fasteners has time and again helped its clients tap the engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and cost advantage of India while ensuring that the lowest price doesn’t become a high final cost.

Our commitment to quality has received a stamp of approval from the reputed German Agency TUV : SUD in form of ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Quality Management Systems.

Today, Irya Fasteners supplies to customers mainly in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), Germany, Australia, US, Canada & Middle East across diverse sectors such as automotive, agriculture, mining, oil & gas, pressure & hydraulic equipment, wind mills, piping, valving & construction projects, and some where we don’t know the final application.

Due to the facilities & expertise that we have in Forging / Machining / Turning / Moulding / Welding & CNC Operations, along with all the other secondary operations to aid us, we have developed a vast variety of products, processes & knowledge.

We can deliver fasteners and components across a wide range in terms of sizes, materials, processes & also coatings / platings.