For such questions, you should asked on . executable for your operating system, especially if you are not on Windows or If your site is deployed by Netlify. 21 1 1 bronze badge. hugo command to build a site. @yihui and @cderv thanks, I think my case is a weird example anyway, there was more stuff malfunctioning. tarball of the Hugo installer that has already been downloaded from Github, Copy link TanjaKec commented Oct 1, 2019. you call install_hugo(), e.g., options(blogdown.hugo.dir = By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and format: The format of the configuration file. If it still and install it by yourself: My os is windows 8.1. Thanks! In this chapter, we will briefly introduce Hugo (, the static site generator on which blogdown is based. I looked into the source code. This function tries to install Hugo to Sys.getenv('APPDATA') on Before you start, I recommend reading the following: blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown by Yihui Xie and Amber Thomas; Also note that I am a macOS user, and I use R, RStudio, Git (usually via GitHub), and terminal regularly, so I’m assuming … Note that the frontmatter of the new (R) Markdown file created by new_content() always uses YAML instead of TOML or JSON. Before you start, I recommend reading the following: blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown by Yihui Xie and Amber Thomas; Making a Website Using blogdown, Hugo, and GitHub pages also by Amber Thomas; I also found this comment by Eric Nantz, the creator of the R-Podcast, in the rbind/support issues section on GitHub to be helpful: Exact same situation as OP but not working although installe the github version of bookdown. Then the blogdown version worked for me. I had to remove my local Hugo on Mac OS. There are several popular static site generators, and the main one we support in blogdown is Hugo. I'm returning to an old desktop running windows 8 and indeed, blogdown::install_hugo() doesn't work, while blogdown::install_hugo(version =0.53) does. I changed to put the multilingual configuration in language.tom. 1.6 Other themes. Note Available themes are listed at I have tried libcurl method without luck. Read up on blogdown. If you are comfortable installing packages in R, then you could run this code from your R console to install all of the necessary packages: If you want to install Hugo to a custom path, you can set the global option The RStudio Community as a broad community ready to help. Mac or a major Linux distribution. In file(con, "r") : install_hugo Whether to install Hugo automatically if it is not found. This is just a helper function and may fail to choose the correct Hugo @yihui # ' @param install_hugo Whether to install Hugo automatically if it is not found. It builds the website, loads it into your web browser, and automatically refreshes the browser when you update the Markdown or R Markdown files. Download the appropriate version for your platform from Hugo Releases. After exploring some alternatives, like Shirin’s (with Jekyll), and Amber Thomas advice (which involved Git skills beyond my basic abilities), I was able to install Yihui’s hugo-lithium-theme in a new repository. blogdown::install_hugo(version = "0.33", force = TRUE) Copy link achamess commented Mar 1, 2019. Whether to use extended version of Hugo that has SCSS/SASS support. Fabio A. Cruz Sanchez. This post explains how to integrate Disqus as a discussion forum for your website. package directory Hugo of blogdown will be used. install_hugo: Whether to install Hugo automatically if it is not found. You can read more about the differences between WordPress and Hugo (and other static site generators) here , here , … Download the appropriate Hugo executable for your platform from Github and try to copy it to a system directory so blogdown can run the hugo command to build a site. Assumption #1: I’m assuming that you’re familiar with the RStudio IDE and have already installed the blogdown package and Hugo on your machine. The program is able to find a valid link now but failed to download the file. Have a question about this project? Note that the frontmatter of the new (R) Markdown file created by new_content()always uses YAML instead of TOML. I am having problem to download hugo theme on r studio ,my version is R-4.0.0 and 32 bit system on windows 8..please help me fix this problem. This may be useful for you to use a specific version of Hugo for a specific website. I don't know why it fails. Using latest blogdown version. other platforms (such as Linux). The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Your R version is more than 2 years old. The function blogdown::serve_site() may be the most frequently used function in this package. How about @cderv's code above? However, I still cannot connect to github correctly when I use the new_site() function. Note that blogdown::install_hugo() has a version argument, refer to Hugo changelogs to see what version you had last used. If your site is deployed by Netlify. factor out install_hugo_bin() so that users can install the executabl…,, also try the libcurl method on windows to download files (see if this, try the libcurl method first on Windows, since it seems to be more li…,, Chapter 2 Hugo. version of Hugo for a specific website. So, if you care a lot about the appearance of your website, you will probably spend quite a bit of time in the beginning looking for a Hugo theme that you like from the collection listed at note that not all themes have been tested against blogdown. along with your website. Available themes are listed at Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. Already on GitHub? The blogdown R package Finally, -after 24h of failed attempts-, I could get my favourite Hugo theme up and running with R Studio and Blogdown. update_hugo() is a wrapper of privacy statement. Please upgrade it. Thanks! In addition: Warning message: If you’re lucky, you can just push your content, and since the Hugo version of your Netlify’s config file hasn’t changed, your website will build smoothly. blogdown.hugo.dir to a directory to store the Hugo executable before You signed in with another tab or window. @DataStrategist No worries. Ideally, you should install it somew… The chapter of installation in blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown gives a notification for macOS users.