Fusion SG-FT88SPW 8.8" 330 Watt Waterproof Marine Wake Tower Speakers. Popular brands of marine tower speakers include Wet Sounds, Infinity, and Bazooka. VIEW DETAILS. Waterproof speakers, meanwhile, have high-quality seals that are built to keep the water out. Although the name might imply that these speakers are only for use by wakeboarders and skiers towed behind the boat, they can be enjoyed just as much by everyone else aboard. Always consider the size and the look of your boat’s interior and check if your speaker matches the interior. $239.98 $94.95. The M1 series of Element Ready™ speakers are designed to pair with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix™ Controller and RF Connect App through its Deutsch™ and Amphenol™ connectors integrated into the speaker. Wake tower speakers made of pure aluminum are the most durable ones. Kicker White Dual Wake Tower System with 4 6.5″ Speaker. Monster Tower’s double barrel speakers come with a swivel mount which allows the speakers to easily face two different directions at once. MARINE TOWER SPEAKERS Memphis Xtreme Audio tower speakers are designed to produce exceptional sound in an open space. Complete Marine Audio Solutions. We have taken the guesswork out of building your boat's stereo system. Specifically made to handle water … Crossovers and sound distortion – When you buy a component car speaker set, a crossover is usually part of the package. External crossovers are used to lessen the amount of distortion a speaker has, and it’s something you need to think about when shopping for the best speaker. Are All Ships Referred to in the Feminine? Since aluminum is resilient by nature, it can easily withstand the worst weather conditions. For your convenience, our team lists the following information alongside each carbon-fiber tower speaker to help you select an appropriate amplifier and head unit: Audiopipe draws from over 35 years of industry experience to bring you marine audio products for the ultimate listening experience. Remember, the larger the tower speaker, the more it will be able to produce lower frequencies and bass. Rockville DWB80B Dual 8" Black 800 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker System. NEW PRODUCT. Use our dealer locator tool to see and purchase our products today. Make Sure the Wake Tower Speakers are Marine Rated. The budget is nobody’s choice but your own. Power Acoustik MWT65T Titanium 6.5" 500 Watt Waterproof Wakeboard Tower Speakers. SG-FL882SPW / 010-02434-10. These kinds of speakers can add value to your boat and give you and the people being towed a chance to listen to excellent sound quality. Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers - 4in Dual Subwoofer Speaker Set w/LED Lights 7.5 7.0 7.6 10: Waterproof Off-Road Speakers with Amplifier - 4 Inch 800W 2-Channel Marine Grade Wakeboard Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime Coaxial Speaker. Audiopipe tower speakers come with adjustable clamps for rotating installations according to preference. Remember that marine rating also goes beyond just waterproofing. Providing from our extensive product line that includes Subwoofers, Loudspeakers, Car and Marine Amplifiers & More. The higher the peak, the less likely the speakers will blow. Quick view Compare Add to Cart (4) Rockville RMSTS65B 6.5" 1600w Waterproof Marine Boat Speakers 2-Way Black. At Audiopipe, we specialize in creating aftermarket marine speakers for … This technology is imperative when enjoying your music at the end of a wake rope our out on the trails. Also, make sure that the cans have an anodized or a powdered coating, as these can protect the cans from oxidation and prevent corrosion. Our 6.5" and 8" models utilize a compression horn to efficiently broadcast the sound for exceptional performance at a distance. Personal watercraft or a wave runner has less room and needs fewer and smaller speakers. Wakeboard tower speakers play music into the empty air, so on its own, it’s not powerful enough to play loudly behind a speeding boat. The tower speakers you buy will surely take a lot of abuse from weather and water, so it’s essential to buy something durable. APSW-8505BTW 8” Carbon Fiber Tower Speaker, APSW-8505WTW 8” Carbon Fiber Tower Speaker, Speaker clamp rotation capabilities up to 360 degrees. We also have a Finance Department to serve you better! Tower speakers for boats make it possible to hear your favorite tunes from sea level. Perfect for boats and other marine applications the Skar Audio marine speakers … Instead we offer easy to buy, pre-built packages that we guarantee will work well together and sound amazing. However, your original speakers might be blown out or just not cutting it for your applications. Marine Tower Speakerswill give you the best sound and protection while in the elements so you don’t have to worry about your speakers failing. The smaller the speaker, the better it is at producing mid and high frequencies. Choose one with an amp rated between 75% to 150% because it supplies the speaker with just enough power to make them play louder and sound better.